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Some Trees Pose a Threat to Your Property

Get a handle on your tree removal needs in New Haven, CT

Healthy, well-placed trees add beauty to your yard. Damaged, diseased or inconvenient trees, however, can cause issues. No matter what your tree concerns are, Avalanche Landscaping LLC can provide the services you need. We perform tree removal, trimming and planting in New Haven, CT.

Our dedicated team uses state-of-the-art equipment to safely handle a variety of situations. Plus, we're a locally owned company and can match or beat any competitor's price. Find out more about our tree removal, trimming and planting services now by speaking with us. We're happy to provide detailed information and free quotes.

Little stumps can cause big problems

While many property owners know the dangers of dead and damaged trees, they may overlook tree stumps. You may think that stump grinding is something you can put off, but you should consider scheduling it sooner rather than later. Leftover stumps can:

  • Serve as tripping hazards for children and pets
  • Interrupt your landscape design
  • Make lawn maintenance difficult
  • House harmful pests and bacteria
  • Regrow into inconvenient trees

Our top-rated company has the equipment and skills to handle stump grinding projects of all sizes. Make an appointment for a consultation in New Haven, CT today.